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The training course that Instagram influencers and students are all talking about!

CPD Accredited, 5-day classroom and clinic based course. Comprehensive nurse led training designed to give you absolutely everything needed to start your skin care business from scratch and make your dream of generating substantial income a reality.

No previous experience needed!

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Unlike other courses, our medic-led skin care training offers unlimited mentorship by Angela Lacy and her team.

Angela holds an impressive 18 years of invaluable experience, complemented by the attainment of the highest individual accredited level. Furthermore, she serves as an onsite nurse and prescriber, adding substantial expertise to our mastery training program

  • Aftercare: Private access to WhatsApp students chat group

  • Aftercare: Exclusive access directly to Angela Lacy for questions


Leave the boring 9-5 job, fast track your potential to earn six figures or more a year and start building your dream skin care and aesthetics business.

What Exactly Do You Learn In 5 Days?

Our esteemed Skin Specialist course, led by our expert nurses, stands out as the most distinguished course delivered but one of the most renowned training academies in the UK.

Comprising of 10 comprehensive training modules, this course caters to both novices and seasoned practitioners.

It has gained widespread recognition for its unmatched quality and has been hailed as the epitome of luxury in training. Countless previous students have benefited from our exceptional mentorship and aftercare, going on to then start their own business in the process.

Day 1 | Full Day

CPD Accredited

  • Understanding The Skin As An Organ

£400 IF purchased separately

Day 2 | AM - Theory, PM - Live Models

CPD Accredited

  • Basic Facials

  • ​Steam/Extraction

  • Derma Plane

  • Luxury Facials (Advanced)

£600 IF purchased separately

Day 3 | AM - Theory, PM - Live Models

CPD Accredited

  • An Experts Guide To Skin Peels (Enzyme, Salicylic and Glycolic)

£600 IF purchased separately

Day 4 | AM - Theory, PM - Live Models

CPD Accredited

  • ​Derma Roller Face & Body

  • Micro Needling

  • The Elite Training To Micro Stamp Facials

£1000 IF purchased separately

Day 5 | AM - Theory, PM - Live Models

CPD Accredited

  • ​Mastering The Art Of Hydra Facials

£350 IF purchased separately

Please note there is also a small element of home study: Home study consists of anatomy and physiology topics in which work books and manuals will be provided. The First Aid element of this course will be done online.



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